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Monday 25th January 2016

1,  Over 10 Years  manufacture orthopedics implant products

2,  Modern office building 80,000 square meters

3, Pass  ISO9001, ISO13485,GMP,CE ,FDA Certificate

4, Located  on  Changzhou City (china orthopedics implant base)

Our objectives

Establishing Medtrust in different Worldwide Countries.
        -  Develop business strategy for key regions.
         - Establish sales structure through distributors.
        -  Develop country by country business plans.
        -  Support the activities in focus countries (Training, Key Accounting, etc.).

Building manufacturing strength to support long term potential of global market.
       -  Increased manufacturing capacity
       -  Shortened lead times
       -  Significant cost savings
       -  Meet quality and regulatory requirements

To be your esteemed company‚Äôs most important supplier in China. 
       - Medtrust will manufacture and supply implants and instruments economically and in
          conformity with the international standards of quality.