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Friday 09th September 2016

Recent years, the advance of surgical instruments has greatly facilitated the development of modern surgery. In gastrointestinal surgery, Along with the emergence and acceptance of staplers, gastroenteric anastomosis has stepped into a new period. Compared with manual suturing, the application of stapler can obviously reduce operation time, and reduce tissue damage and bleeding, thus reducing average length of stay (ALOS).

However,during the application of staplers in gastrointestinal surgery, related complications happen from time to time. Surgeons, as one of the three factors in gastroenteric anastomosis, plays an important role in choosing staplers and operating. At the same time, this has proposed a more strict and professional request to stapling manufacturers.

As a medical enterprise specializing in developing and producing surgical instruments, Toptreemed Group has been in this line for many years.

Disposable Trocar  Disposable Trocar now has 3 specifications: HMSP05, HMSP10 and HMSP12. It’s user-friendly design brings more safety and stability, with its absence of any metallic parts and light weight of the trocar combined with a specific thread.

Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler  Disposable endo cutter stapler can offer different patients the corresponding type of stapler, according to different thickness of tissue. The highlight is, the single use knife blade with wider instrument jaw ensures the sharpness and the inclusion of tissue, thus reduce the tissue damage, and the griping handle can be reloaded in a single surgery, which saves a lot of cost for patients.

Disposable Skin Stapler  This surgical device can be widely used in operating room, labor and delivery, emergency department, outpatient surgery, clinics and physician’s office. Its simple and reasonable design makes it easy to operate. Compared with traditional manual suturing, it brings smaller stitched wound, smaller scar after operation and avoid injury to epidermal tissue again and is good for wound healing. What’s better, it greatly shortens time for operation and decreases the pain for patients. It is a perfect surgical invention, for both surgeons and patients.

Disposable Auto Linear Stapler  This stapler is used for total pneumonectomy, pulmonary lobectomy, pulmonary wedge resection, gastrectomy surgery, small intestine and colon resection, low anterior rectal resection(LAR). Similar to endo cutter stapler, according to different thickness, Toptreemed auto linear stapler has 2 kinds of models. Compared with other stapler products, it has a wider anatomosis design, which helps place the intended tissue more easily. Equipped with components of the safety locking device, it can effectively prevent the second triggering, thus ensures more safety to operation. In addition, its lengthened frame helps to realize long-distance suture. This device has made one-handed operation come true.

Disposable Circular Stapler  This device is used in esophagus resection, gastrectomy surgery, small intestine and colon resection,low anterior rectal resection(LAR). It has 4 models available for different operations. And in line with the tissue thickness, the closure height can be adjusted. The creative design of nail retainer, cartridge, indicator, safety and adjusting nut can facilitate a speedy and safe operation.

Disposable Hemorrhoids Stapler(PPH)  This stapler is used for hemorrhoidectomy of the grade Ⅲ and Ⅳ, rectal mucosal resection of internal or mixed hemorrhoid, resection and anastomosis of mild prolapsed rectal mucosa. It has 2 models suitable for different thickness of tissue. Its simple and high effective design can significantly reduce the postoperative pain and bleeding, speed up the recovery time and shorten hospitalization as well as reduce medical costs. In a word, this device is simpler, faster and safer, compared with manual suturing.

Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler  This stapler is used for side-to-side anastomosis and functional end-to-end anastomosis, Biluo Ⅰand Ⅱ style, right hemicolectomy, lung volume reduction, colorectal resection of J type, pulmonary lobectomy, pulmonary wedge resection, pediatric giant colonic resection. It has various models suitable for different operations. To avoid cross infection, it can only be used once.

We Toptreemed Group has been working on manufacturing surgical instruments of high quality since it was set up. For the sake of surgeons and patients, we have invested tremendous funds into developing more and more user-friendly surgical products.