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Tuesday 03rd July 2018

1.  Release the active handle to make the cartridge and the anvil separated. Remove the protection cover gently.

2.  Sandwich the tissue which needs to be excised and sutured between the cartridge and the anvil, press the active handle completely until to the locked state (attention: the active handle should be pressed in place

3.  Take the stapler with one hand while the thumb and the forefinger of the other hand press the firing button and push it to the firing position (at this time, it feel light because the cutter knife hasn’t excise). Continue to push the firing button forward with even strength until to the head part of the product (at this time, it feel heavy because the cutter knife is excising the tissue and suturing the tissue of both sides

4.   Replace the firing button to its original position (there is red index on the body part of the product), we should pay attention that at this time the stapler can not be pulled out immediately. The active handle should be released, the cartridge and the anvil should be separated and then move out the instrument. So far, the operation is finished.